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Trigger finger occurs when either the tendon thickens or a fibrous band gets too tight for normal low friction movement, a nodule may form within your tendon and this can cause a clicking sensation.

In more severe cases the finger will be locked in the palm and you will have to pull your finger out straight with a usual clunking or popping sensation that me be painful.

Trigger finger can be work related if your work involves a lot of repetitive gripping. The tendons from time to time get inflamed (synovitic) and the synovitic tissue leads to scaring between the two tendons in the finger.

Repetitive inflammation is a common cause or start to triggering fingers.

How Can We Help

If you develop a trigger finger – start a stretching program and consider a cortisone injection to solve the problem. Surgery to release the A1 pulley in the hand will usually solve the issue, it’s a simple day surgery procedure.

Post operatively the hand is still usable but the wounds need to be covered and kept dry until sutures are removed and wound healing has occurred.

It is important to understand that simple procedures and conditions like trigger finger will unmask or are the beginning of another condition such as Dupuytrens disease. Dr Rando will discuss this with you if you require surgery to correct your triggering finger or thumb.

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